MuxMan DVD authoring Professional Version 1.2.3 

MuxMan DVD authoring Professional Version 1.2.3
Год выпуска: 2009 (6 октября)
Разработчик: MPUCoder
Платформа: Windows
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Описание: MuxMan считается лучшим мультиплексором (муксером) - программой для сборки DVD из составляющих - видео, аудио, субтитров (разумеется, вне "большой лиги" Сценариста и ДВД Маэстро). В последних версиях, MuxMan постепенно превращается в полноценную программу по авторингу DVD
Доп. информация: Раздача включает в себя скомпилированный help файл (собственного изготовления) - на основе весьма неполного мануала на офф сайте.
Внимание: Программа раздается по личному разрешению автора, MPUCoder'a.
С ним установлено джентльменское соглашение: я делаю программу доступной на русских сайтах, мы же, со своей стороны:
  • не перекидываем ее на западные сайты,
  • обязуемся сообщать обо всех замеченных неполадках.
Интерес автора понятен, от нас к нему уже поступило больше сообщений о проблемах, чем за все время продаж. Версия 1.2.2 была полностью посвящена исправлению неполадок, сообщенных здесь, на руборде и рда.
Большая просьба: сообщайте о неполадках (неудобствах и т.д.) в работе программы!
Если у вас есть возможность - поддержите автора, купите эту замечательную программу.


История изменений

Новое по сравнению с 1.0.3:
09/10/06 version 1.2.3
  • added: HiRes resizing. This is the first step only, not fully implemented.
  • fixed: movement of still images accidentally disabled except for image being edited
    not able to set source and dest rectangles at end of image transitions
    image transitions longer than about 18 seconds not working correctly.
    unable to set timing on images files added to composite.
09/05/14 version 1.2.2
  • fixed:
    compositor: unable to grab images larger than screen and flipped
    compositor resolution not matching stream established, always using preferred
    hli editor: SubPicture display area not matching established resolution, always using prefered
    "subs present and in track mode" warning not on unless hli exist
    selected button not different appearance
    not able to set links to self
    update diamond when link added
    exit saving settings is not saving hli
    exit saving settings is corrupting sub values?
    show opacity value of colors (like gradient)
    hli endtime incorrect
    setting FA or FS on swapped buttons sets wrong button
    incorrect display modes enabled for 16:9 composite
    incorrect end frame number shown for non-stop subs
    unable to view subs between I frames
    incorrect sub shown if non-stop followed by stop in the empty time period.
    could step beyond end of segment
    effects cannot be set in non-stop subs
    deleting hli does not remove all references (PGC menu commands)
    sub adjust: crash when releasing mouse button out-of-bounds.
    PAL subpictures misaligned
    PAL display area truncated
    (SubPicture display area not matching established resolution, always using prefered)
    fine alignment adjustment is difficult
    general: no ability to create FP (changed to FP always exists, no commands added unless default nav is created)
    when adding sub stream 2 or higher stream pointer changes to stream 1 by mfm
  • added: converted hli editor seek time entry to new control
09/04/22 version 1.2.0 released
  • Added: Restructured database allowing video and subpictures to be composites.
    Reworked user interface adding more graphical control.
    Replaced pixel based coordinate system with the virtual system already in use by objects
    AVI as composite source and output, menus with motion video are now possible.
    Ability to animate objects varying any and all parameters through time.
    New TimeCode control and second pane of controls for temporal input.
    HSB color space now available in gradients (more to come)
    High precision color mixing in gradients (also to be extended to images later)
  • Fixed: creating a composite when there are more than 100 highlights causes strange things
    unable to pan or tilt zoomed images over full range
    misaligned subpictures in button simulation
    auto-repeat buttons not working in XP
    objects could be moved or resized incorrectly if mouse button pressed outside view window then released inside window
    mouse was not captured on dragging causing incorrect state if dragged outside view window then released.
    Main window not disabled while compositor running, causing crash if FILE->NEW clicked.
    tote-bag paste crash
08/12/17 version 1.1.5 released
  • Fixed: crash when setting button command (highlight editor)
    crash when exiting command editor (highlight editor)
    (both crashes caused by database reallocating during editing)
    spreadsheet unable to handle more than 90 PGC references to one segment
    spreadsheet generated program and cell names not based on PGC name
    compositor overwriting run time of non-composited video
    compositor gradient colorspace not preserved in mxp
    striping in gradients caused by floating point math
    problem decoding certain bmp files with unusual image offset value
08/08/01 version 1.1.4 released
  • Adds: Ability to rotate cartesian space
    Check on subpicture timing performed after adding/replacing subpicture files.
    Timing is adjusted to prevent overlap.
    Save composition as bmp
    Cut/Copy/Paste multiple elements in compositor
    Cut/Copy/Paste multiple video, audio, and subpicture play (file or composition) in timeline
  • Improved: rendering speedup (remembering last rendered image, gradient optimizations)
    check for changes before asking to save composition
    color coded subpicture insert pointer in timeline display
    current time caret in timeline display
    timeline time scale spacing now based on frames rather than arbitrary spacing
  • Fixed: problem with alphablending that caused large gradients to be mispositioned
    calculation of segment duration in timeline display when video duration is "audio end"
    better accounting for vertical scrollbar presence in timeline display
    export to m2v not exporting correct image if any element was from video
    crash if goto target was more than 15 characters
    audio delay same for all streams
    false error when multiplexing after editing highlight
    crash when dropping files onto audio or sub track
08/06/26 version 1.1.3 released
  • Adds: 4 color gradients
  • Fixed: run time of video assets being changed to incorrect values
    sub-menu to add shapes and text was accidentally disabled in production build
08/06/12 version 1.1.2 released
  • Adds: Ability to remove padding in DTS streams
    SubMenu to select compositor element (note: elements were formerly called layers)
    Compositor now has text and geometric shapes as elements
    Replaced arrows from wingding font with bitmaps, wingding font no longer needed
  • Fixed: UOP dialog in timeline is now popup vice child of listbox to ensure complete visibility.
    main window, Compositor/Viewer, and Color Picker position corrected to be 100% onscreen.
    when exiting the normal screen position is saved, not the current position. This means that the window can be moved, and if MuxMan is exited from the maximized state the position saved for the next time will not change to the upper left corner.
    Spreadsheet scene buttons now update after adding or removing a PGC reference.
    Changed viewer/editor NTSC 16:9 display size to 853x480, was 864x480.
    "Exit Saving Settings" hang from non-compositor function. Also disabled ability to enter compositor from other functions as this will not work.
    calculation of object height in compositor not rounding properly
    certain properties of streams were being lost due to db not in sync with locals
    sub import editor would crash if entered with no subs
08/04/07 version 1.1.1 released
  • Adds: 10 additional wipe patterns for SubPicture effects
    Subs display "F" for forced and "E" for effects in timeline
    Swap/Clear/Remove/Renumber audio/sub streams
    Video, Audio, and Subs can replace single file with multiple files
    Drag/Drop to subs
  • Fixed: cancel wipe pattern selection no longer clears pattern (psr 10101001)
    small bugs in timeline display (cursor time, "no file" in sub stream)(psr 10101002)
    calculation of default video duration for gui (no audio)(psr 10101003)
    tt_srpt title type bits for Jump/Link/Call commands (psr 10101004)
    difficult to select subpictures with no stop (0 duration) in timeline display
    subs in wrong VOBU if display time > previous still (psr 10101005)
    sp_synca can contain incorrect values (psr 10101006)
    Errors importing and exporting audio files (psr 10101007)
    CLI mode (.mxp files without scenes)(psr 10101008)
08/03/03 version 1.1.0 released
  • Adds: Timeline graphical interface.
    Explode function - expands a slideshow video into individual frames so that each frame has its own duration.
  • Fixed: Audio multi-file manager was clearing audio delay on startup.
08/02/08 version 1.0.4 released
  • Improved: both highlight/buttons/effects editor and subpicture import adjust editor changed to navigate by segment time, not asset time. This allows viewing the entire segment, not just one asset, and also shows where assets have been time-stretched by still.
  • Fixed: Ability to specify run length of slideshow video.
    Several problems positioning slideshow video to correct source frame
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